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Levitra is a drug manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceuticals and used to treat erectile dysfunction. There is also evidence that the drug can be used in prolonging the period of coitus especially for men who experience premature ejaculation. The drug − whose active ingredient is Vardenafil − acts by inhibiting phosphodiesterase (PDE) 5 resulting in enhanced flow of blood into the vessels of the penis. Vardenafil is used in many parts of the world including America, Asia, and Europe, mainly as an alternative to Viagra. The cost of Levitra is, of course, a concern to the consumers of the drug. You can get the drug in online stores or brick and mortar pharmacies. There are some slight variations in Levitra prices depending on the strength you want to buy and more serious variations depending on your geographical location. In this piece, we look at how much you might have to part with if you want to purchase Levitra.

Levitra Prices in Different Regions


Levitra price is determined by several factors. The country you are buying from, the quantity and the strength of the drug you are buying, and of course the vendor selling you the drug will all influence how much you will have to pay for the ED pills. Depending on what is more convenient in your case, you can choose to buy Levitra online or from the conventional pharmacies. The online platform gives you the opportunity to easily compare prices from different sellers. Buying online also saves you time. Moreover, some online stores sell Levitra at relatively lower prices.

In the United States, Levitra cost varies from state to state. In Miami, a 10 x 20mg pack of Levitra is sold at $560, and a single tablet of Levitra 20mg goes for $27.14. In Seattle, the average price of a 10 x 20mg pack of Levitra is $531.On the other hand, a pack of 10 tablets of brand-name Levitra 20 mg is sold at about $300 in India and Australia, minus the cost of transportation. In Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore, some vendors sell 24 tablets at $330, not including the prices of transportation. In the UK, you can find eight tablets of Levitra 10 mg at £43 and eight tablets of Levitra 20mg at £53.

Currently, most online vendors offer prescriptions, so you won’t have to visit a doctor. Some vendors charge a fee for the online prescriptions.

Generic Levitra Cost per Pill Online

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As you would expect, the price of generic Levitra is lower compared to the brand name pills. This is because the manufacturers of the generic drugs are working to outcompete each other on the market. And because the buyer of generic Levitra is spoilt for choice, the seller with the lowest price is the one most likely to win the battle. This is a blessing to the consumers of generic Levitra because, in the end, the market becomes friendly as the manufacturers and retailers try to lure buyers.

While the cost of a pill of brand name Levitra ranges between $6 and $28, for the generic pill, the prices start from just under $1. You can easily find and purchase a generic Levitra pill at the cost of $0.89 and 200 tabs of 20mg generic Levitra at $179. This is probably the biggest and most obvious advantage of buying generic Vardenafil. Besides, the generic pills that are bought from trusted suppliers work just as well as the brand name pills. These generics that are sold online in most cases do not require a prescription.

However, you certainly have to watch out for some risks when buying the generic pills because there are some disadvantages associated with their use. If you are not careful, you might end up buying counterfeit drugs that are posing as generic Levitra. These counterfeits could be having harmful ingredients that might be health hazards or they just don’t work that well to relieve erectile dysfunction.

Buying generics online can also make you a victim of fraud. You can buy from a vendor that’s out to mince money from desperate people who are seeking cheap solutions. Some online sellers will never deliver the orders you have placed especially if they asked for a down payment before processing the order. You need to be very cautious when dealing with the online sellers. Check out the reviews of the sites from other buyers to establish the credibility of the seller.

Levitra 20mg Price

The cost of Levitra 20 mg will depend on your country, your state, and the individual seller. The cost of ten tablets of Levitra 20 mg in the US usually fluctuates around the average of $540. If you are in Indianapolis for example, you can get ten tabs of 20mg Levitra at around $523. In Houston, the average price of a 10x 20mg pack is $521. Overall, a single pill of 20mg Levitra costs between $15 and $30 in the States. For comparison, in the UK eight tablets of Levitra 20 mg are sold at £53. Levitra 20mg is the highest strength of the drug and it is used for those in whom the 10mg strength doesn’t produce sufficient effects. However, some consumers of Levitra 10mg buy the 20mg pills and split them as a way of cutting down on the costs of purchase.

Levitra 10mg Price

In the US, the price of ten tablets of Levitra 10mg is around $264 on average. The price of 4 tablets of Levitra 10mg in the UK is £24. 8 tablets can be bought at £43 whereas 24 tabs are priced at around £114. The orodispersible form of Levitra 10mg costs £51 for eight tablets and £29 for four tablets. The orodispersible from dissolves quickly in the mouth and it is sold under other trade names such as Vivanza in other countries. Levitra 10mg generic pills can be found at a cost starting from less than a dollar.

Levitra is an effective erectile dysfunction drug that is now available all over the world thanks to online retail. The drug is a good alternative if the other remedies aren’t working for you. You can get Levitra pills at affordable prices by purchasing from countries that sell at lower prices or by using coupons. If the Levitra cost is your concern, you can also check out the generic forms which are usually cheaper than the brand name Levitra. Most people today opt for purchasing Levitra online because of the convenience it brings. What’s more, buying online offers more privacy because most of the online vendors provide discreet delivery services and don’t ask for any prescriptions whatsoever.

Reviews for Levitra to treat Erectile Dysfunction

  • review

    Ben Martines

    I am 33, single, so have no regular sex. Going for a vacation to Cyprus, I took a pack of Levitra, by advice. I had no problems with erection but there've been alcohol so I took one 5mg pill each day.
    In short, I had a great vacation!

  • review_2

    Anthony, United States

    I took a pill of 5 mg Levitra yesterday around 10 pm. Somewhere in half an hour I felt that the pressure has increased, but usually I do not suffer from a high blood pressure. But soon I got used to it. Somewhere after 2 hours I haven't f*cked up for the first time during sex. It has been excellent - concrete hard-on. After the first time and the second one has come after 30 minutes of rest. I was coming so long! After that I went to sleep and in the morning continued. In the morning, the effect of prolongation was no worse than in the evening - 20 minutes sweating like a horse. I never heard of Levitra delayed ejaculation, but the fact remains. It may, of course be kind of a feature of my body. But still in general, I am satisfied, I will continue to take 2.5 mg every day.